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#10 Somebody Turned out the Lights!


Okay, so while we were working on my window the other day, I said, “You know, Sven, you really could take a look at my headlights. My vision has been getting kind of foggy lately…”. And Sven said he had thought about that, too. He said they changed the time or something recently, which meant that it keeps getting dark really early and that my lights weren’t making enough light. Not making enough light! Well that’s ridiculous. He probably just hasn’t cleaned them right.

So I insisted he take them apart and give them a good cleaning. He took everything off and then I couldn’t see anything at all. I told them I wouldn’t drive anywhere until they had fixed all of that. So Sven stuck some paper towels down my headlights and rubbed them around and got all of this crud out. When he put them back together, everything was nice and shiney. Not enough light….what nonsense.

They said we would be doing some serious camping coming up, so I’m glad we got that all sorted out.


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  1. Glad the cleaning worked out. I wasn’t sure that was going to fully do the trick. Is there an o-ring missing from where the headlight bulb supposedly seals to the lamp housing? I’d expect that to keep the dust and dirt out.

    • Huh, yeah there definitely was no o-ring or seal, just the bulb being pressed into the housing by a metal strap. I guess there’s the reason why they got crud in.. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂 But even if I end up having to do the cleaning every few months, that’s not so bad, and the lights are sooo much better now! 🙂

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