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#12 All it does Here is Rain!


So we got off the ferry and drove to the Olympic place (‘Olympic National Park’ they keep telling me, why should I care what some place is called by humans?). And all it does here is rain! Like really, really hard, all the time! I’m so wet if I had fur I would look ridiculously silly!

And Sven is just standing outside. I don’t really mind being outside all the time, I am a Bus, after all. But I know Sven and Emma don’t like the pouring rain, so why is he just standing there? He would be much more comfortable inside, where it is not RAINING ALL THE TIME!

He said he wanted to just walk around and look at the woods a bit, because they were so beautiful. Well, right now, I can’t see much of this supposed ‘beauty’ because of the thick curtain of water between those woods and my newly polished headlights…


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