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#2: So, This One Time When I Was Sorta Sick…


Oh man, I made like a huge deal about this diary thing, and then the first thing that happened was this. Ugh. Such an embarrassing angle, with my hatch all open and all. At least they didn’t take the picture with the engine compartment open. That would have been really bad.

I wasn’t feeling too good that day. When I breathed out, there was this pinching.. But I really wanted to get to Seattle, so I just said screw this and didn’t care. And we got there just fine, thank you very much! We got to Sven and Emma’s friend Andrew’s house (he has a pretty sweet driveway, nice and level. And a garage full of all kinds of tools made just for buses like me!) and Sven and Emma took a look at my valves. They did some good work, took stuff out, rolled it around the floor, put it back in. And guess what? The pinching was gone! Nice job, guys!

So they got that done, and I felt better. Enough to get us to down to Oregon for a sweet weekend (like, new paint-job sweet). I couldn’t wait! Man, I haven’t been this excited since we left Illinois. Oh and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Meeeep Meeep!


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