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#3: The Best Weekend EVER!!


We made it! Holy exhaust, we made to to Descend on Bend! We got there and immediately I saw a yellow Bus and a blue Vanagon and a brown Vanagon and a tan Vanagon…Well there were quite a lot of Vanagons, but a few Buses like me. So many VWs, all in one place! They came from all over the place to meet up for the whole weekend and be buses together. How exciting!!

We got to hang out all weekend! I got to just chill and park next to all of them and do some hard-core hanging out (Sven and Emma kept hanging out with all of the other people who came with the buses and just stood around campfires and stuff. They had no idea what they were missing out on!). It was awesome here!

I did feel a little bad that I don’t have heat (but that’s also not really my fault, is it?). Sven and Emma kept saying that it’s pretty cold at night. It actually kind of was, like, I was afraid I would have some trouble starting in the morning….But whatever, it was time to put aside the worries and enjoy the bus-chilling!


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