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#85 Bugs Aren’t so Different After All

This is my new friend. He’s a Bug.
Emma said Bugs are kind of like family for buses, because they are very similar. Well, I said, they have almost the same engine, but I don’t think we’re that similar other than that. Especially because this Bug is from Mexico. And I told her I don’t think we were made in the same factory and we never lived together, so I don’t understand how we could be family. 
But I did get to park next to the Bug at this lovely farm for a whole weekend, and we got to talking. And guess what? We do have a lot in common! He likes roads and being washed and driving around Baja and all kinds of other stuff, just like me! I told Emma, I don’t think we’re family, but we are definitely friends!
Bugs aren’t as strange as I thought they’d be!

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