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#159 We Talked About Argentina and Decided to Go to Illinois Instead


Sven said we should sit with Emma and talk about going to Argentina and I said, I think that idea is really good Sven. 

We need to change your interior, said Sven. You got so wet, Big Emma, we can’t just keep it like this. We need to make it new. And I told Sven, Yes, I think none of it works well like this. I don’t think we will be happy to adventure to Argentina until we change it.

Yeah, said Emma. We can’t keep traveling, even if your engine is running, if we can’t live in you, Big Emma. But I think the real question is, should we make your interior new here in Belize? Or drive back to Mexico? Changing it will take us weeks or months, and we have to save up to get a lot of the other things that got too wet to save.

I thought about all of this for a while. Then I had a thought that I realized was good, but at the same time it made me sad. So I said, I think it’s sad but it would be better to fix me in Illinois. If I can’t go adventuring for now, I think I would rather wait in my own garage. And Andrew is there, and I wish he could help fix me too. And I like adventuring but I think it would be okay to take a break and be in my own garage for a while. But I’m sad because then we won’t be on the way to Argentina anymore. 

Then Emma and Sven were really quiet for a long time so I think they were sad that I said that we should go back to Illinois, but then Sven said, I think you’re right, Big Emma. Getting you out of the river was difficult for all of us, and I think being at home for a while would be good. And then Emma said, Yeah and we will be better at building you there, too. I don’t want to go back to the USA, but we can take care of you better there.

Then it’s settled, said Sven. We will go back to Illinois after we’ve finished cleaning you up, Big Emma.


Photo by @toyache


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