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#76 My Penny Collection

Let me show you my penny collection! This is where I keep all my spare pennies that Sven and Emma find for me.
Usually humans keep their pennies in pigs, Emma told me. But I don’t have a pig! I told her. Emma told me not to worry though, because I could keep my pennies in my spare tire instead. They fit just perfectly! And if I ever need a penny (or if the humans need to borrow one) they are right there, ready to go!
And I don’t only have pennies! A really nice Mexican man gave me some pesos too (that means pennies, but in Spanish. They don’t speak English down here, like I do, or German, like Sven and Emma sometimes do. Spanish is different, and has a lot of different words to learn. I only speak English, and can understand when Emma and Sven talk in German, but I don’t know any of this new Spanish! Except pesos). He stuck it right in my spare tire for me. He was so nice!

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