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#140 This is Little Big Emma

This is Little Big Emma. I wanted to introduce you because I don’t think you’ve never ever met her.
She never says anything, but sometimes Emma and Sven take her with when they go places where I can’t go with them, like surfing or Florida. Then they take pictures so I can feel like I was there too. This was in Izamal, a city that was all yellow in Mexico. I really wanted to go because yellow (and red too) are my favorite colors and make me look really pretty. But we were hanging out with Sven’s family and there were too many of us to fit in me, so they only took some stupid rental car to Izamal.
At first I didn’t like Little Big Emma because she got to go all of the places I didn’t. But now I realize that she only goes to those places because I am so important and would look so pretty there and she only exists to make me feel better. So now I like her.

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