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#19 This is my Favorite Forest


We finally left Portland, now we finally stopped being boring are are driving and camping again! Just as it should be. Emma and Sven said they really liked the stupid Portland city, but I certainly did not!

Okay, it was not all that bad, after all, because Emma made me a present! See that yellow thing around my pop top? That is my new raincoat! It protects my top from the rain and they said they would pop it more often now (popping the top makes me feel big, just like my name says!). You know, they could have chosen a better color. It’s yellow, but not my yellow (the best yellow, of course).

Anyways, we went to camp in this AMAZING forest. I think it’s my favorite forest. It was all soft and squishy and really really green and foresty. I told them it was just like those fairy tales that my old owners used to tell their kids (I think Sven was really impressed that I remembered that, ha!). But, you know, the good forests, not the scary ones that children get lost in. It was just a really nice forest.


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