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#141 They Made Me Get Insurance in Belize!


So I am finally done telling you all about my adventures in Mexico! I said goodbye to Sven’s family and then we went to a new country called Belize.

I was excited because we haven’t been to a new country in a long time! Emma said we would be going to new countries a lot more often now because they are smaller and it won’t take me as long to drive through them so we can get to Argentina.

I said, Yay! Hello Belize! And then we crossed the border and Emma said we had to get something called insurance. I asked Emma What is insurance? and she said it was a thing that cars needed in case they got into a crash. Oh no I don’t want to get into any crashes! Why does Belize think I will do that? Emma said, Well, all cars in Belize need insurance. But I told her I’m not like all cars.



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