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#132 Look at How Much I Have Adventured!

I have been to Nevada, where we went with my friend Phil to Las Vegas. And I’ve been to Washington, where we camped with Klim and Alex and their Prius. And I’ve been to New York back in 2013 where Emma and Sven left me all alone in a parking lot for 5 days. And I’ve been to Wyoming in the Tetons. And I’ve bee to California, where Buddy lives. And I’ve been to Texas in 2011, where they stuck a bunch of VW Bugs in the sand and Emma stole one of their door handles for me. And I’ve been to Oregon where I got to park in the snow with Rita and Irie. And I’ve been to stupid Colorado, where all of my brakes broke. And I’ve been to Minnesota, where we found our first free camp spot. And I’ve been to Kansas, where everything is boring. And I’ve been to Oklahoma in 2011, but I don’t really remember anything about Oklahoma. And I’ve been to Wisconson, where we met Emma’s aunt and they ate cheese. And I’ve been to North Carolina in 2013 where we went to the Otter Banks. And I’ve been to New Mexico in 2011 where we looked at big red rocks that I thought were boring. And of course I’ve been to a lot of other States like Alaska and Montana and Maine! And OF COURSE I’ve been to Illinois because that’s where I lived!

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