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#109 We Adventured to the Human’s History Pyramid

We keep adventuring around Mexico because we want to go to the coast to see Emma’s parents. So we are driving around learning all sorts of things about Mexico.
So we stayed one day here and learned about this pyramid. A pyramid is a big pile of rocks, and usually very old humans made them because they liked making pyramids instead of buildings like humans do now (Emma told me all about pyramids, so I know a whole lot now). Anyways I asked why only old humans made pyramids, because it would probably go faster if the younger humans helped, too. And then Emma told me some really crazy stuff!
She said that old meant like in history, not old like that only old humans worked on the pyramid. I asked if old was like me, because I’m a really old car. She said no, VWs have only been around for around 50 years or so. And she said humans have been around for millions and millions of years! And I was just like Wow, that’s a lot of years! And she said the humans here in Mexico started building this pyramid over 2000 years ago. I just said Wow that’s a lot of years ago! They should have started building VWs instead, that seems more useful than a big pile of rocks.

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