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#94 Gudalahara is Stupid Too

This is Guadalahara. Look, it’s really boring with just this big white wall. White is boring, not like me, because I’m red and yellow.
This is where I have to park while Emma and Sven decided to stay in something like a house (except they call it a hostel). I have to stay here all alone all day while they stay inside. They said that they want to work in a hostel here in this boring boring city, and stay here even longer!!! What am I going to do all the time, just parked out here on this crummy street all alone? I can’t keep watch on Emma and Sven and make sure they are okay if they are never here for me to watch them!
It’s boring and I don’t like being alone. The only people who come are strangers that look in my windows and I don’t like them. And there are no trees or lakes or volcanos here at all, it’s all just white boringness. Guadalahara is stupid, just like hostels.

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