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#124 These are My Other Human Friends Klim and Alex


So I wanted you to meet my human friends Klim and Alex. They are traveling with the 4Runner. I have mentioned them in my diary before but I don’t think you actually met them. So here they are!

They are really cool and travel as much as we do! The first time we met them was up in Alaska, and they came camping with me when we went to the Arctic Circle. They were even there when we went to Wiseman, which was the most North place we went before we turned around to go to Argentina! It’s so far away now.

So then we didn’t see them again for a long time but then we saw them again in Washington! There were some very big mountains there. And then we didn’t see them for a long time again until the end of traveling in Baja. I got to take the ferry to the rest of Mexico together with the 4Runner. And now we get to hang out with them for a whole month! I love it when there are even more humans around who love me!


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