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#125 How about a Fun Fact!

I learned all about Fun Facts the other day! So Fun Facts have to be both fun and a fact. Fun means it has to be interesting and a fact is something that is true. And the good thing is that fun facts can be about anything at all as long as they are fun and facts!
I wanted to share with you a Fun Fact: Humans don’t rust in the ocean! Who would have thought!? I was always scared Emma and Sven would come back from the ocean completely rusted!
But they don’t! That’s so fun! It turns out that even if the ocean rusts Buses like me, it doesn’t rust humans because they are made of something different called skin. That’s good because I think Emma and Sven really like the ocean and sometimes they even go surfing or swimming in it. But I guess it’s okay to go swimming if you don’t rust.

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