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#118 Mexican Buses Have to be Fish

This is my new friend! She is a Mexican bus! Except that buses in Mexico are not called buses, they are called Kombi’s. She said I have to call her a Kombi. I told her That’s nice but I think I still want to be a Bus.
Mexican Kombis are funny because they breathe water instead of air. See, I breathe air and it makes my engine cooler and everything works like it is supposed to. But I was talking to my new Kombi friend and she said that she breathes water. I was like, But that’s so strange! Why do you breathe water instead of air? and my Kombi friend said she didn’t know why.
So I told her So the only other things I know that breathe water instead of air are fish. And they breathe water instead of air because they live in the water (sometimes in the ocean, but sometimes the fish are lucky and get to live in lakes and rivers). So I guess you have to be a fish. Maybe you should go live in the water. That must be why you breathe water! Then she got very nervous because she didn’t know if there were roads or humans or gas under water and didn’t want to live there. I think she didn’t like what I said.

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