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#117 I told Sven I Don’t Want to Camp Here

Emma said I should say the joke Holy smokes! but I don’t know what that means or why it is a joke.
Anyways, we saw this volcano and it was exploding! It was almost like the sleepy volcano we camped at except that our volcano was not exploding. I told Sven I don’t want to camp there that explosion looks a lot bigger than me! I’m going to camp down here. And Sven said we didn’t have to camp on that volcano, we would only camp on ones that weren’t exploding. But that I should also not worry because this volcano was only exploding smoke and they were usually only dangerous if they were exploding more than just smoke. Apparently volcanos can explode rocks, too.
I thought camping on an exploding volcano would be an adventure before. Now I think I don’t think that anymore. I like the sleepy volcanos better.

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