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#67 There ARE Other Buses in Mexico!

Look! We finally found another bus! There are other buses in Mexico, not just bugs like I was afraid of.
We’ve been driving through the dusty desert and it was really really dusty, with a lot of cactuses everywhere. And after a really long time with no gas (I was like What?! There’s no gas!? Stupid humans, build a gas station. Cars need gas!) we got to this dusty town and Emma wanted a taco and saw our first bus in Mexico (besides me, duh)!
This bus is called Mellow. He said we should follow him to camp somewhere because he has a lot of friends in Mexico. I told Emma and Sven that we were going to follow him because I want lots of friends in Mexico, too! See, I told you Mexico wasn’t so bad!

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Big Emma is a VW Bus. She was born in 1975 and since then has been on many adventurous trips. She is currently on her most ambitious journey yet, traveling with her companions, Emma and Sven, from Alaska to Argentina.
Big Emma likes gasoline, roads, and Buddy. She’s not big on salt water or thieves.

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