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#119 Look Emma’s Parents Came to See Me!

I am so happy! Emma’s parents decided to come to Mexico to visit me. They are so nice! I used to live with them before Emma and Sven lived with me, so I really like them. They missed me so much they just had to come and visit! Emma’s dad is really nice and makes me all pretty and fixes me a lot. And Emma’s mom made me all of my beautiful curtains!
I’m glad I got to see them but that’s not why I am so happy. I am happy because I don’t have to park by the ocean. I thought this whole time that I would have to park by the ocean like we did in Baja where I would be really close to the waves and be scared of rusting all the time!
But it turns out that we are only near the ocean! Like, sometimes I can see it from far away but I don’t have to park there. I can park here and hang out with Emma’s parents and Sven and Emma instead! And sometimes they go to the ocean but I don’t even have to go! Yay I get to stay behind! I told them.

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