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#92 Volcanos are Supposed to Explode

Look! I’m on top of a volcano! Volcanos are like mountains, except they are supposed to explode! We drove all the way up here on a really long and bumpy road to camp for the night and you could see all around for miles! The world was all pink and orange because the sun was setting and it was beautiful like me!
I asked if we were higher even than Mount Rainier, and Emma said she didn’t know but that probably Mount Rainier was higher. That’s amazing, I said, If this is already so high, I wonder how far you can see from there!
I asked Sven what we would do if this volcano exploded, because that sounded pretty bad (even though I also think it would be an adventure!). Sven said it wouldn’t explode because it was sleepy. What? How can I volcano be sleepy? Do mountains get sleepy too? I asked. I don’t understand volcanos very well. What would we do if it exploded? I asked. Well, Sven said, I think we would drive as fast as we can and hope that we are faster than the volcano. But I told him I don’t like going fast.

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