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#115 Mexico is Kind of Like Alaska

Sven and Emma went up this very tall mountain. I wanted to go but they said there was no road. I thought this was stupid but I told them to go have fun and that I would have carried them if they decided to go somewhere with a road but they didn’t. Anyways, they showed me all of the pictures and it looks really nice from up there. You can see all around like you could at the volcano we camped at (that volcano had a road for cars like me! The humans there were much more considerate!).
And it made me think that Mexico is kind of like Alaska. You wouldn’t think it because here the humans speak Spanish and in Alaska they speak English and there are all these other differences like that Mexico is much more south than Alaska and mostly hotter. But there are also a lot of things that are the same.
Like that in some places like this one there is space all around with just forest and cactus gardens, and all of it is nature. In Alaska it was like this almost everywhere because there were not a lot of humans to make towns and cities. And there were a lot of places like this one where you could see the nature for forever if you were high enough. And that both of them are beautiful places.

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