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#116 I Should Meep at Them!

I really like this cactus garden. Not only is it pretty, Sven and Emma really like it here. They like it because there is a lot of nature and because there are not very many other humans around like there are in cities. The only thing I think they didn’t like was when Sven stepped on a cactus.
And at night it is especially quiet. The only sounds are the animals making their little animal noises and sometimes the wind. But then it was the weekend and everything was different! The weekend is a special time when humans work less and like to be louder, although I don’t understand why.
But they are definitely louder! We were sleeping here and it was very quiet and peaceful but then humans came and rented a house over there for the weekend and they played music the whole night long! And they kept yelling Chug and Emma and Sven were really annoyed. I told them I could go MEEP at them for a very long time so they would stop being annoying but Sven said I couldn’t do that so they just kept being loud. The weekend is stupid.

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