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#114 Where is Big Emma?

So Emma told me about a game called “Where is Waldo” and it’s about a person named Waldo who gets lost all of the time so other people have to find him in pictures and it is really difficult.
I don’t understand why that is a game or why humans think it is fun to find Waldo (maybe it’s like how they always find Momo even though he’s not missing) but I thought If they like looking for Waldo they will love looking for me!
So I had Emma and Sven take this picture from really high above everything. I bet you’ll never find me!

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Big Emma

Big Emma is a VW Bus. She was born in 1975 and since then has been on many adventurous trips. She is currently on her most ambitious journey yet, traveling with her companions, Emma and Sven, from Alaska to Argentina.
Big Emma likes gasoline, roads, and Buddy. She’s not big on salt water or thieves.


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