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#70 You’re Supposed to Find Momo, But I Found Him Already

This is Momo, he’s a dog. And a cute one at that (not as cute as me, of course, but he’s also not a Bus, so he can’t be). Dogs are funny. Sven and Emma talk about having a dog travel with us too, one day. Momo isn’t our dog though, he travels with Mellow and his human, Andrew.
Anyway, you’re supposed to always find Momo. But I don’t understand, because Momo is already here! I don’t need to find him! Why do all the humans always say I need to find Momo?! I found him, guys, you can stop looking now!
We had a lot of time on the beach, so I talked to Mellow. I asked him if he was scared of rusting, because he parks so close to the ocean. He told me he wasn’t scared, because rust happens very slowly. And, he said, you only get to be a bus once, so you should park in the best spots that you can. But I don’t think next to the ocean is the best spot, if it makes you rust.

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