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#111 Emma isn’t Angry at Me Anymore


Okay, I won’t really sneak away to go to the Amazon while Emma and Sven are sleeping.

Like, I’m sure I could make it there. All of the countries would just let me in if they see how pretty I am, and I’m sure I can ask some nice humans to fill me up with gas. But then I realized that I can’t sneak off when Emma and Sven are sleeping because then they would just come with me anyways because they would be sleeping and that would be silly! I wouldn’t be sneaky at all.

But in the morning I realized that even if I could sneak away I wouldn’t want to go to the Amazon without Emma and Sven. Where would the fun be in going all alone? So I told Emma that and she gave me this hug. I don’t think Emma is angry at me anymore.


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