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#112 It’s Important to Stick Together but Not Literally

All of this arguing and wanting to go to the Amazon and then not going to the Amazon made me think a lot about Emma and Sven. When she was mad at me, Emma said “Big Emma, this is silly! You can’t go to the Amazon because we have to stick together!”
So I thought that she meant that we need to get out the glue like we do when some things need repairing. And I thought that was stupid because then I definitely couldn’t sneak off to go to the Amazon but also because then we would be stuck together! I thought That’s stupid Emma. Where would we glue you? If we glued you in the passenger’s seat then you couldn’t lie down in the bed or fix me when I break. That’s such a stupid idea!
But then I asked Sven about it later and he said Emma didn’t mean we should use the glue. Instead he said she just meant we need to travel together.
Oh that makes a lot more sense, Emma’s not as stupid as I thought! I said. And now that we’re not fighting anymore I think it is actually very wise. I guess that’s why it’s okay to wait to go to the Amazon. We’re family, remember?

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