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#82 This Picture is Stupid

I love having Annika here and everything, but there sure has been a lot of stupid stuff in the last few days. First the laundry, then getting stuck (that was the worst!) and now this.
We are hanging out in La Paz for a few days because Annika needs to get on an aeroplane soon to go back across the ocean. And they have this wonderful La Paz sign that I would look so good in front of and we decided we would all take a picture in front of it.
But then people in La Paz said I couldn’t drive in front of it! That was only for humans! I couldn’t even go near it because it wasn’t on the stupid road! It was so unfair, and I was so disappointed. There shouldn’t be places where only humans are allowed to go. See, I would look perfect right there between the A and the P!

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