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#96 Now we Moved but Here is Stupid Too

Now we moved, but it’s no better than before! Sven and Emma are just staying in this other house now, and I can’t keep watch over them again. They said they can work there and stay for free. But I don’t understand. You can stay for free when you camp with me! You don’t even have to work at all (except on my engine, and to drive me, but that’s easy, right?!)! Wouldn’t that be better than staying in a stupid house?
So now I’m parked on this street. There is a blue bug a few cars down. Maybe I could at least talk to him. Or I can count the cars going by. Or something.
And there are still a lot of people looking in my windows. I don’t like it. Maybe I should just go find some new humans. Emma and Sven don’t deserve a beautiful Bus like me if they’re just going to stay in a stupid house.

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