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#83 I Miss Annika and I Found a Flying Dragon

Annika had to leave today. I really liked having her camp with us all of the time. We had a lot of good conversations about all kinds of things.
I asked if we could go visit Annika, but Emma said we have to drive to Argentina first. And that buses can’t go on aeroplanes, I would have to take a boat all the way across the ocean. That’s no problem at all, I said, I just really really love the ocean and it wouldn’t scare me a bit to be on a boat forever. But Emma said I didn’t have to, because maybe Annika would come back before we got to Argentina.
And then when I was feeling sad this flying dragon landed on my door, and it made me feel a little better, because it was beautiful. And red, like me. I will add flying dragons to my list.

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