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#68 Go Away Stupid Cows!

Go away stupid cows!! Don’t just stand there being a cow! I need to get to meet my new friends, so move!
Cows in Mexico just stand on the road! Then you drive up to them and look at them and meep your horn and they don’t care at all that the road is for cars and buses like me. This is where I go, stupid cows, not where you go! It makes me so frustrated to always have to stop and tell the cows to move.
I’ve even heard that they like to sleep on the road at night. Which doesn’t make any sense at all if you’re not a car. The cows like to sleep on the road because it is really hot in the day in Mexico (we’re in the desert again, except that this time it isn’t rainy like in Death Valley) and at night is is cold, but the road stays hot so the cows like it. I don’t really understand that, I don’t care at all what temperature it is when I’m parked for the night, so why should the cows? Maybe it’s because they’re stupid.

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