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#38 The Baja Bug


So we met a friend of Buddy’s today. And he is just so strange, I just don’t understand him.

He’s a bug, and I understand that bugs are different than buses. They are smaller, and can zoom a little better. But they don’t carry as much stuff as buses do. The strangest thing about this bug is that he doesn’t have a name. We just call him The Baja Bug. Emma said she understood why I thought this was weird, she says it would be strange if a human didn’t have a name, that no one would know how to call them.

He’s also just so macho (Sven told me that word). He doesn’t say much and is really tough looking. He even has metal bars all over his insides and really high wheels, so he can roll over if he needs to (hearing that bugs roll over is really scary. I never want to roll over!). I asked Buddy why he would ever need to roll over and he said it was because The Baja Bug goes on adventures over really rough roads and that could happen. Those seem like some scary adventures to me.

Emma said Baja is in Mexico, where we will go after we are done in California. She said there are a lot of bugs in Mexico. I wonder if they are all as strange and different as The Baja Bug.


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