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#73 Truck Campers are Like Snails, But Different

My new friends are so awesome! We parked together for almost forever!
We moved to this campground, and Mellow couldn’t come with us because his human had to go somewhere else. But that’s okay, Red Beard and the others are still here, and they are my friends now, too! And this time I parked a little closer to the ocean, because everybody else was in a line and I didn’t want to be stupid and say Well I don’t want to park in the line because it’s next to the ocean because they weren’t scared of parking next to the ocean.
But I was thinking: Mali.mish and Wanderwasi are both truck campers. That means they are trucks with a camper attached to their backs. This seems so strange to me, because then the humans have their house on the backs of their cars! It is just like the animals called snails (I know about them because they are on my list of animals), who also carry their houses on their backs all the time. Except that trucks are much faster than snails. I think it’s better to be a Bus.

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