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#61 Now I know what Itchy is

I’m sorry I am so late, but it’s not my fault! I usually write my diaries on Mondays, but I couldn’t this Monday. Emma usually does the typing for me (I don’t have fingers, you know?), but she wasn’t feeling too good. So I said That’s okay, we can do my diary in the Wednesday, Emma.
Anyway, now I know that I had itchy wheels! I kept telling Sven and Emma there was something wrong there in the front ones, and so they finally took a look at it. They looked at my brake pads (the things that make me stop) and they looked really bad! That’s the old one there on the left, it looks really worn out. It should look like the one on the right, that one is new. You gotta change those, guys!
And they figured out that part of my caliper was broken, that’s the thing that holds the brake pads. So they got me new ones! They are so nice. But Emma said, That’s what family is for.

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