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#60 My Family

I like camping out here. It’s not very far from the city. We go there in the daytime so Sven and Emma can do all the things they need to do for Mexico. But at night we get to come back out here, and it’s a good spot.
I was talking to Emma about what the word family means, because I hear humans say it a lot. She said that humans have a specific relationship with certain other humans, and that is their family. So I asked if family are humans you know really well. She said that is not always true. And that it was more like if I had been made in the same factory as another bus, or had spent all of my time being built with another bus together, then that would mean I had known that bus for my whole life, and I would probably know that bus well and hopefully we would like each other and would be family.
All of this makes no sense at all to me, but it seems very important to the humans. Emma said that a lot of times, families live together, although they don’t have to. She said that she and Sven had family back in Illinois, and even across the ocean! And that they were the most important of all of the humans in the world. So I said, Well you and Sven are the most important humans in the world to me, so I guess you are my family.

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