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#23 The Reason We Came Here in the First Place


Look, that’s me, and Emma, and our friends!!! We met them back up in Alaska and they had a nice comfy driveway (and Emma and Sven stayed in me, because I was the comfiest!). Anyways, we went down to these big red trees because we wanted to see them again and have some more adventures!

And we did! We went camping right in the middle of these wonderful trees! And they ran around and looked at all of the big ones while Emma and Sven took some pictures and I hung out and parked. It was so fun!

And the very interesting part is that they have a lot of small humans with them! They ask a lot of questions and were shy to get to know me at first up in Alaska, but I think they were really happy to see me again here. They think my cabinets and all of the decorations in my interior are very interesting, and they laugh and giggle a lot, which just makes me be in such a good mood.


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