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#62 I Can’t Wait to go to Mexico

Man, we have been doing so much work! They adjusted my solar panels, gave me new calipers, extra headlights, and even a new floor! That’s because we want to go to Mexico really really soon! Like next week, Emma said, if we can.
If we can? I asked. Why can’t we go? I can’t wait! And Emma said, Well, you never know. We might need to fix something else, or we might want to spend some more time with friends here in California. Don’t you want to say goodbye to Buddy?
And she is right. I don’t like it when we plan things ahead of time. You never know what will happen when you’re adventuring. And of course I want to say goodbye to Buddy. We may not see him again until we come back from Argentina, and that will be a very long time from now. It’s important to say a proper goodbye.

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