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#59 A Day or Two of Camping

We got to go camping, just like I wanted! Emma said it was only for a few days, because we still have a lot to do in the city. She said that was because soon we will be going to Mexico, and they want to do a lot before we go there, because we won’t be coming back here for a long time. We have to go to Argentina first.
But at least for now we can be out in the mountains! That is so much more beautiful than the city. There are so many cars down there, and they are always going so fast and don’t care at all about how pretty I am. But up here, it’s just us hanging out, and there are almost no noisy cars and I can see the stars at night.
My wheels are still itchy, though. Whenever Sven steps on the brake, I always need to go to the right. Guys, you need to take a look at that, something just doesn’t feel right.

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