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#57 Don’t Worry, They Put my Engine Back in Just Fine

Buddy was right, they put my engine back in just fine! And, I guess it’s true, somehow it does feel better than before. They made a lot of things nicer, but it’s hard to explain what. Emma said I should write this example: fuel lines, fuel-injection air intake gaskets, and polished connections (but I don’t really know what all that means). At least my engine feels extra good now!
And it was just in time to go for a VW drive! Sunny the Bus came back, and the Baja Bug did too, although I still don’t really understand him. And Kitty and Buddy were there, too! I am of course the prettiest of all of everybody, but putting us all together makes it even more beautiful!
It was really embarrassing though, earlier, because I almost didn’t start! But it was NOT my engine, it was my battery. It has been feeling very weak, even before they made my engine feel extra good. They had to hook me up to an outside battery before we could take pictures with everybody. I can’t believe everybody saw that! It was almost as embarrassing as my leaky window back in Oregon! I told Sven to fix it immediately! What’s a good engine without a working battery?

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