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#152 I Learned All About Thunder


Caro and Konsti are here! It has been so fun, we already did a lot of camping and driving and hanging out and it was so nice to say, Hello again Caro and Konsti, how have you guys been? And then I told them all about all of our adventures since Alaska and that they should just stay with us all the time because then they can have all of the adventures with us and I don’t have to tell them all about all of them the next time we see each other.

So for our first adventure we picked them up from their aeroplane in Belize and then we parked by this beautiful river! And we stayed up to watch the moon come up over all the hills and talked all about how humans send things to the stars and I said I wish I could go to the stars.

And then it started to rain and thunder. And I started thinking What is thunder for? because I’ve seen it so many times because it rains a lot and then it always thunders. So I asked Konsti and he said that thunder is the sound that lightning makes so I said Oh then there must be a lot of lightning around here.


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