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#39 I’ve Decided I Sometimes Like the Rain


We went camping some more, and it was raining! Sven and Emma said we went to California to get away from all the stupid rain in the Oregon place. And now it is raining in California, too!

But we did get to camp door to door, Buddy and I. That is the best way for buses to camp. And because of the rain we spread our tarps out over us. Robbie was very particular, and didn’t want any of Buddy’s insides to get wet. I said, bah, a little rain won’t scare me! But I made sure the tarp went all the way around us, just to be safe. Besides, I liked being under the tarp with Buddy, it was very cozy and we were just there all cuddled up. Maybe the rain isn’t always that bad.

This Vanagon named Viv and another bus named Sunny came with us too, but I glad they didn’t come cuddle with Buddy and me under the tarp. The Baja Bug didn’t come with, his humans stayed in Viv instead. That bug may have some strange adventures, but camping is definitely better in buses!


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