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#13 Now There’s Always Water on the Inside, Too! Ugh.


See that? Yap, that’s the upper part of my sliding door. My closed sliding door interior. And you see that? That’s a bunch of condensation, all over it.

And that’s only the sliding door. This stuff is everywhere, on my windows, on the windshield, getting on the curtains and on my ceiling. Not only is it disgusting and getting other things wet, it is simply not good for me at all. If things keep going like this every morning, I will get all yucky inside very soon!

Sven says it happens because humans breathe out at night while they sleep and make things warm inside, while the rain outside makes it cold. The temperature difference makes all of this condensation get caught all over everything. So I told him it was simple. They could either stop breathing all over the place at night, or we need to drive to where it is warmer outside or maybe just doesn’t rain all the time.


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