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#24 I Will Add Them to My List


So, I have a list of all of the animals that I’ve met. Like these ones, the elk. I’ve kept this list for years and I always keep adding it so I can know things about the animals. Animals are kind of like humans because they move but don’t have engines and they make all kinds of noises and you can find them all over the place.

Whenever I meet a new animal I look at what it does and ask the humans about it. I’ve met quite a few animals, so the list is kind of long. I really like dogs. Emma’s parents had a dog back in Urbana and it was a very nice dog. Emma says she really likes cats though.

Anyways, these are elk. They have horns (but only the boy elks, which I imagine is very uncomfortable for them) and they like to live in the woods. We saw a lot of them in Alaska. But Sven said that elk are not that good, because they like to stand in the road at night and if we are not careful we could hit them while we drive. I told him I would never hit an animal! But I guess if it did, those horns would get really uncomfortable for me, too.


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