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#21 No, THIS is my Favorite Forest


Okay, so remember how I said a few pages back that that fairy-tales forest was my favorite one? Well, it was still my favorite greenest one, but this one is AMAZING! The trees are almost as big as Mount Rainier was!

These trees are so tall that you can’t even see the sky! They are so tall that maybe not even birds or planes could go over them, I bet. And Emma even said there are ones that are big enough that I could even DRIVE through them (I don’t really know why you would want to drive through a tree, but that does mean it must be very wide)! And she said that it was important that they are red, which makes them even better because red is one of my colors, too.

I do wish my headlights weren’t so close to the ground, it makes it hard to see in such a tall forest. But, we didn’t even need them on this day because the sun came out and shined all through the trees, making me just beautiful! Yes, I think this one is definitely my favorite forest.


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