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#144 What are Balloons For?


See Sven, I didn’t get eaten by a crocodile! Or a dinosaur! But it was a nice place to stay, I got to watch the river flow by all day!

While I was parking Sven and Emma went into town to see a lot of people walking in a really long line called a parade. I asked them why so many people wanted to walk in a big line and why they wanted to watch people walking in a line. Imagine if it was a line of Buses, Big Emma said Sven, Then you would totally want to go watch them drive in a line. And he’s right, I would like to see Buses walk in a line so now I kind of understand.

They showed me all the pictures and this one was my favorite! I asked what is in the picture and they said this is called balloons. I asked what humans use them for and Emma said that humans just carry them around with them for decoration. Could I do that? I think I like balloons I told her. Yeah, she said, And if you get enough of them they will pull you into the sky and you will fly away! They made a movie about that once. So I spent a long time thinking what I would look like flying through the sky with a bunch of balloons.


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