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#7 What do Trains Feel Like?


We spent a few days in Seattle, where Emma and Sven visited friends. And the best thing: these friends even had buses that I could hang out with!

The city is very busy. Like, really busy. Cities always have the most cars. And they are all new and fast. Nobody has time to chat at a red light, they are all so eager to go…It’s strenuous, all of this stopping and going and stopping and going.

I wanted to rest a bit, so Emma and Sven decided to leave me in the driveway and instead took a thing they called a train. A train is a little bit like a bus, but it’s much longer and lots of people ride in it. And the craziest thing: It’s trapped! It sits on metal bars they call rails, and it can only go where the rails go! How boring! But Emma and Sven say it’s fun to ride the train (but not as fun as driving me of course!). I’ve never been on a train, but I wouldn’t mind trying it some day. And I would definitely ask the train how it is to be trapped on the rails.


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