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#6 Mount Rainier is even Bigger than Me!


We really wanted to keep hanging out with all of our new bus friends, but we had a few people we wanted to see in some big cities around here, so we headed off to do that. But we said we would see them again really soon.

Anyways, we took a road that led us by this big mountain. Okay, so I’m big, but this mountain was, like, really big, all snowy on the top and all. Emma said it was called Mount Rainier, and that it was the tallest one in Washington. She said I was about eight feet tall, but this mountain is about 14,400 feet tall. Even I admit, that’s a lot of feet.

But that would be no challenge for me. I could speed right up it, if I wanted to. No mountain can stop me! But we decided, collectively, that it would be better to go around the mountain instead, Sven said it would be more direct to get to Seattle on time. So around it we will go.


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