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#5: Look at my New Bus Friends


I did make friends (I mean, who cares about a stupid leaky window? Of course they like me!)!! A lot of them! There’s Irie from Irie To Aurora over there in the corner, and Rita from The Bus And Us over on the other side, and Lolo from Ryan And Hailey in front of me. They are soo cool, they all just kept hanging out with me! Descend on Bend was only a weekend and we just kept hanging out afterwards! I think I made some real bus friends.

We’ve had so many amazing adventures the last few days – we went camping in the woods, and then we met up with other buses and made a big campfire. And Sven took my silly leaky-window-bag off (whew!), because it wasn’t raining so much. And – the best part – I asked my new bus friends if they had ever had leaky windows, and they have too! They didn’t think I was weird at all. We all have so much in common, it’s crazy!

Man, good weather and good friends! That just makes me want to go “MEEEEP!” (the good kind, of course).


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