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Travel is not about the miles. It is about growing as people, experiencing things you would never have been able to had you stayed at home, meeting people who are different from you. This week is our first official ‘vanniversary’ – we have been on the road for six months. In that time, we have come over 15,000 miles, and spanned the line from north to south on one very large continent.

Welcome to our house. It’s pretty small, and it rolls around a lot. It has three floors: an upper level, a ground floor, and a basement. It also has many different rooms – a sun room, a semi-detachable kitchen, two bedrooms that each sleep two, a library, and a living and dining room. I’m sorry, but we don’t have a bathroom. If you need to go, feel free to just step outside, or we can make a more civilized pit stop, if that’s what you prefer. Please, come in. I’ll give you the grand tour.