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#156 What am I Going to Do Now Emma?


After the tractor got me out of the river, they took me to this place. Emma said they would clean all of the mud out of me and try to get my engine to run. I just said, Thanks Emma.

I’m sorry about all of your scratches, she said. And your broken window. We’ll fix you, you know.

I don’t care about my scratches, I told her. I’m just happy I’m not in the river anymore.

Hey Emma, I asked her, Can I still go to Argentina? 

I don’t know Big Emma, Emma told me, Your engine doesn’t run right now. We have to fix it first. And we have to clean you, and fix a lot of other things. But don’t worry, we will. And after that maybe we can still go to Argentina. And besides, Argentina’s cool, but we are just happy you made it though the flood. 

That’s because I’m strong, I told her.


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