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#157 I Think Caro and Konsti are My Best Human Friends


I was feeling really bad. Not just because my engine doesn’t run and all of me is still too wet. Those don’t feel good either but I was actually feeling bad because I think that Caro and Konsti will never want to visit me again because usually we go to fun places and drive all the time but now I can’t do that anymore and instead they just have to clean me all day long.

So I told Caro and Konsti, Thank you for cleaning me so much. I can’t clean me because I don’t have any hands. But we were supposed to go adventuring together except that I got caught in the angry river and now we can’t go on any adventures and I’m really sorry.

That’s okay, Big Emma, said Konsti, it’s not your fault you got stuck in a river. And then Caro said, And besides, we know you’re not usually like this. 

Yeah I don’t usually get stuck in rivers, I told them. If you ever want to come visit me again, I promise that I won’t get stuck in another river.

Don’t worry, we’ll come visit you again, said Caro. We still love you. Let’s just park a little more carefully next time.


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